5 Things Not to Do When You Are Angry

Everyone gets angry. It is a normal emotion, and there is probably a good reason why you feel that way. However, intense arguments will make your mood bad mood and will compromise your everyday tasks. Moreover, you may become dangerous to others and even your own self. Do you want to minimize the effects when you are angry? Here are the top 5 things you must always avoid when angry.

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5 Things You Can’t Do In a Dream

Dreams are way for our wish fulfillment, they eliminates useless thoughts and they are problem solver for the things we are stuck in. Dreams are places where we try to select the useful reactions and fill our emotional gaps. In dreams, you are the boss of never ending universe. However, you still have certain limitations that you may never had imagined. Here are the things that most of us cannot do in a dream. Continue reading “5 Things You Can’t Do In a Dream”