5 Things You Can’t Do In a Dream

Dreams are way for our wish fulfillment, they eliminates useless thoughts and they are problem solver for the things we are stuck in. Dreams are places where we try to select the useful reactions and fill our emotional gaps. In dreams, you are the boss of never ending universe. However, you still have certain limitations that you may never had imagined. Here are the things that most of us cannot do in a dream.

1. Can’t Read or Tell Time

Can you read in your dream?. If you are unsure, in your next dream try to read something. Humans can’t normally read or write at the same time. Your brain actually have to switch between reading and writing. In a dream, when you are a reader, you are also a writer at the same time (your brain has to write something for you to read). Therefore, it becomes difficult for your brain to switch between reading and writing and thus most people can not read.

The reason that you can’t tell time is that you are not a mechanical clock. Human has no direct way to measure time in seconds, minutes or hours. They compare and cross match with many factors, which you cannot guess in a dream because you cannot see or interact with the environment.

2. Can’t See Faces of Strangers

You may have seen a person in dream and said, “I don’t know this person“. Yes, most of us think they see strangers in a dream. The reality is that you don’t remember that person. But your brain is keen enough to keep track of every face you see in your life. Your brain randomly selects a face, so the stranger you see is actually someone you have seen somewhere before. Moreover, your brain can also do face designing. That is how you get to see someone face pleasant or horrible.

3. Can’t Die Forever in a Dream

Many of us have seen themselves being killed in dream. In reality, you cannot entirely die in a dream. You are the main character around which the story revolves. If you are not there then who to watch? You just die to reschedule and re-arrange your story because the story was going nowhere. You can have as many lives as you want. Whenever your brain get bored by the story he can just kills you and re-creates you. There always will be another one of you, who is watching.

4. Can’t Escape Negativity

Surprisingly negative emotions are much more likely to occur than positive emotions in a dream. They may cause nightmares or may give you some super powers to destroy everything.
Anxiety is the most common emotional experience you experience in a dream. Maybe you do not like some religious, social, cultural or economical boundaries in your life. So, in a reaction you may see yourself flying, falling or doing public humiliation. By the way, these feelings are normal. That is the emotional life of your brain.

5. Can’t Dream and Snore Together

Everyone dreams and you only remember 10% of your dreams. Even blind people have dreams; they are only in audio if person is blind by birth. You may have at least one dream in a week or 4-7 dreams in a single night. If you think you are not dreaming – you just forget your dreams. The only way to escape from dreams is to snore – they both cannot come together.

Dream your dream and Let us know in the comments.

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