5 Things You May Not Believe Babies Can Do

We all know that babies are cute. They are adorable. We also know they are weak. They slowly develop various functions necessary to survive in the world. However, a baby can do much more than we usually imagine. Babies can even beat adults in certain situations.

Babies can Learn in the Womb

Babies can learn their mother language inside womb. They can react and response to this language just after their few hours of birth. To prove this, nearly 30-hours old babies were observed by researchers. They played the vowel sounds of the native language of babies. They wanted to see if babies react to any recognized vowel sound. These babies were given pacifiers, which were connected with a computer to record the length of sucking. Shorter period of sucking was meant that the sound played was familiar to them, and vice versa. Most of these babies proved that they understood their mother language vowels sounds. Maybe, they were unfamiliar by the meaning but still proved that they heard that sound before.

Babies Can Understand Probability

Estimation and probability are useful skills and can help us in making choices. But, our brains are not great in grasping probability. Fortunately, we begin practicing it even when we are eight months old. To prove that baby can understand probability and have very powerful learning abilities, The University of British Columbia experimented on eight months old babies. They found out that babies stared longer at the impossible outcomes.

Babies Can Judge Character

Ability to judge a character is a social skill, and is important tool to help you stay in social competition. Surprisingly enough— that comes with the package at birth. Researcher found out in an experiment, that a baby prefers to like a person who is helpful to others.

Babies Can Do a Facial Scan

babies can do a facial scan more accurately than adults. In fact, babies are excellent at absolute face identification (even when they see animals). In experiments, conducted at University of Sheffield and University of London, sex-month-old babies proved to be as good as adults in recognizing human faces. shockingly, they even proved to be better at recognizing monkey faces.

Differentiate Between Reality and Fiction

Babies are humans, and they observe the surroundings to learn. Babies are keen enough to understand and learn the laws of physics. According to researchers, impossible events are picked up by 11 month old babies. If you show them magic or science fictions, they actually understand that it is not real. Moreover, babies can run experiments of their own to confirm the suspicions. A study published in Science Mag showed that infants use their surprise as motivation to learn something new. Therefore, if you throw a ball against gravity, they will know it is not according to physics law and may experiment themselves to confirm.

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