5 Normal Things That Can Mess Up Life

Do you think everything is going all well? Is Life going smooth? What we don’t usually realize is, simple and smilingly light things are strong enough to mess up life. Nothing can be safe for sure and anything can go against you in all the weird ways. Here are simple five things that strongly can mess up your life.

1. Being a Passive Smoker

Being a passive smoker can increase the chance of psychological distress by 50%. If you are motivated to go and ask others to stop smoking – you better think again.

The reason why passive smoking is so dangerous: smoke that burns off the end of a cigarette may be more toxic than the mainstream smoke a smoker would inhale. Passive smoker can inhale up to 69 chemicals , increasing their risk of lung cancer to 20-30%.

2. Praising Your Child

We mostly educate our kids in a way that they start believing they are the only on this earth who have rights to live. They are born to win. Everything they do is brilliant and they are special. No doubt, kids are special, but according to researches extra praising your child for little things can lead to serious personal disorders. In medical term, it’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It causes problems in work and school.

While praising seems like a good idea, you must be careful not making your kid over special. Don’t make them a problem for others. Don’t make them friendless.

3. Keeping a Cat

Cat parasites can mess up with your brain. In the past, pregnant women were advised to stay away from cats. “Crazy old cat lady”. Most people don’t know why. According to latest medicine, it’s actually something to consider.

Toxoplasma Gondii, usually found in cats. This parasite can transfer to other animals, mainly rats and mice brain, and make them more reckless and slow their natural reaction time. That in turn can give cat higher chances to catch them and eat them. It is the secret weapon of a cat.

Researchers now believe that this parasite can end up inside a human and can cause similar effects. If you are doing insane things and also own a cat – don’t worry, it’s just a tiny gift from your beloved cat.

4. Having a Baby Can Mess Up Life

Having a baby is a blessed and joyful event that every one wants. However, it can also turn into something you might not even thought about — depression. In addition, it can be of three different types.

Postpartum baby blues: It can last from few days to one or two weeks after birth and may include mood swings, anxiety, sadness, irritability, feeling overwhelmed, crying, reduced concentration, appetite problems and trouble sleeping

Postpartum depression: In this condition you feel no care for the baby and other daily routine tasks become difficult to perform. It is the intense form of baby blue and longer than it. It’s symptoms usually starts to appear within few weeks of delivery and can prolong up to 6 months. It is included with panic attacks and anxiety. It may trigger you to harm the baby or yourself. Postpartum depression may last for many months or longer.

Postpartum psychosis: This condition is very rare. It can develop within the 1st week. It may lead to life threatening behaviors and should be treated immediately.

5. Living Alone Can Mess Up Life

There are numerous advantages of living alone. People live alone willingly for Peace & Quiet spaces, live how they like, don’t want to share and for total control on timetable.

Living alone can mess up your life. Living alone can cause depression – and weirdness. Researchers suggest that the link between living alone can cause psycho-social and material disadvantages.

In a Finland study, of 3,500 men and women, researchers found those people who lived alone were more on anti-depressant medications.

Feel free to share more ideas in the comments below, of common things that mess up life.

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