5 Strange Towns of the World

Do you think your hometown is the strangest? World is full of strange people and in turn strange towns. Some of them are amazing, some are scary and some are just wonderful. Below are five of unique towns across the globe. Let’s travel from a single person town to a park full of dwarfism.

1. Monowi – The One Person Town

(“The Biggest Loner”) platted in 1902, is a village in Nebraska, United States. Monowi means “flower”. Monowi has only One resident: 82-year-old Elsie Eiler. She is town’s mayor, clerk and treasurer. She also runs a library and a tavern. This library has about 5,000 books. these books were owned by her late husband.

In the 1930s, the town population was 150 people, which decreased to just 2 in 2000 (Elsie and her late husband, Rudy). Rudy passed away in 2004 leaving Elsie as the only inhabitant of the town.

For more information visit: Monowi_Nebraska

2. Chefchaouen – The Blue Town

(“The Blue Pearl“) is city in northeastern Morocco. It is near the Mediterranean Sea. It is mainly noted for whitewashed homes with distinctive, powder blue accents. It’s a small city with about a population of 40,000. Chefchaouen was painted blue by the Jewish refugees, who lived there during the 1930’s. Because of its beauty and relaxed atmosphere, visitors attract to this town. Spanish is the foreign language mostly spoken by the population. However, French is the language of higher education.

For more information visit: Chefchaouen

3. Coober Pedy – The Underground Town

Coober Pedy
(“white man’s hole”), was established in 1915 after opal was found here. This is a town in northern South Australia. It is one of the unique places in the world with a population of near 3,500. People from more than 45 different nationality lives here. Not only this town is known for opal, but also because of underground houses. People realized during mining of opal that temperature here can reach to 52 centigrade, and living underground was much cooler.

For more information visit: Coober_Pedy

4. Manshiyat Naser – The Garbage Town

Manshiyat Naser
(“The Garbage Town”) is a area of Cairo city, Egypt. Manshiyat Naser nearly has 60,000 residents. It is famous for the Garbage quarters and slum settlement.
People here live a hard life with no electricity, water and proper sewerage system. The families here are extremely poor and they live on collecting and recycling Cairo city garbage. most of the streets and buildings are filled with garbage.

Visit: Manshiyat_Naser for more information.

5. Town of the Little People – The Strange Park

Kingdom of the Little People
, is a located in Yunnan province, southwest China. It is a theme park of dwarf people. Here dwarf people, perform onstage singing and dances for tourists. Supporters of park, argue that it is a way of employment for those people who are unable to find work elsewhere due dwarfism. However, this kind of humorously treating of dwarfism has been highly criticized around the world.

For complete information visit: Kingdom_of_the_Little_People

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